Interview Tips

Many of our technicians and other IT experts go through a few interviews. First, with RMSJobs, and then the clients. What's the most critical part of an interview? While some job seekers might think it's the question session or a company tour, the truth is, the most critical stage of the interview is the time spent preparing for it. You can use these tips in working with us or other job prospects, they are provided for your benefit!

The information provided in our Resources has been compiled from years of experience and will provide you with information which will make you a better interviewee both in the initial telephone interview and face-to-face interview. It is not a guarantee of a job offer, but simply advice to increase the probability of working on a new project.

Most face to face interviews are preceded by an initial phone interview. The techniques described here apply to both interviews, but the objectives differ. In the telephone interview, the objective should be to obtain a face to face interview. With the face to face interview, the objective should be to get an offer. Going for the offer differs from going for the job. The candidate who goes for the offer, sells themselves to the company.

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